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  1. kentoy11

    Update Server Update

    thankyou for fast respond about the bugs and all abuse item, more power sir ty.
  2. kentoy11

    hello sir

    hello sir
  3. kentoy11

    loading and crash after it

    i've experience this before, just try again to extract all the dreamaion client so that it will play.
  4. kentoy11


    Hello everyone, I am your newely promote SENIOR AION MASTER so if you need help and guide about the game just dont hesitate to pm us or message us in discord thankyou and more power dreamers.
  5. kentoy11

    the region data in this client is incomplete

    hmmm i experience that too, just try unstick and the website and we will approve it and your good to go to play.
  6. kentoy11

    Report Can't download Client

    you just easily download it all in drive just wait for a few mins or maybe 1 hour then extract it all in aion client.
  7. kentoy11

    are you a new player?

    are you a new player?
  8. kentoy11

    Hello Guys :D This is a Small tutorial to remove the Loading Screen on your Client. :) Hope it helps. Thanks.

    ok thanks for posting here in the forum so that everyone will know now.
  9. kentoy11

    Dream Aion Can't Donate PayPal?

    yes you can donate in paypal just go in the website.
  10. kentoy11

    German Client

    If ever you can play just enjoy the game and if you need help just pm any admins or staff to help you.
  11. kentoy11

    Update Server Update

    thankyou kaguya for fixing it
  12. kentoy11

    Trainee GM renouncement

    are you resigning men?
  13. kentoy11

    Open Cafe Partner Program

    maybe later i will participate this. i just need a phone to take pic of me.
  14. kentoy11

    Gm application

    kent jay toquero 19 philippines what can i contribute as an Aion Master? since im applying for this position i will balance my time being a donator and a soon gm, i will help the server to grow up and invite player to play to help what they need info,question,guides and other. And as a soon...
  15. kentoy11

    IM BACK!

    welcome back men just visit the website men.
  16. kentoy11

    Mod Application Mod Application

    Name: kent jay toquero Age:19 Location: philippines have you ever moderated a forum before?: i never been a moderated before if you will accept my application i can be, i will try my best to be a moderator i played aion before in past past year i am good in everything if you will accept me as a...
  17. kentoy11

    Finished Fashion Show Contest

    IGN: Deadlyfartt/Sad proof:
  18. kentoy11

    Open Promote DreamAion

    username: kentoy11