Guide Archdaeva Quest

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“Atreia will once again be subjected to a crisis that only High Daeva can prevent. And once again we will have to protect Atreia.
This is our destiny.”

- When you perform the new level 65 missions you will evolve into a High Daeva.
- Each race has 2 missions, from them you will learn about lost memories and power of the High Daeva.

Quests for each race:

(Open the spoilers)
1. Check your Cube for quest.

2. Read Perno's letter.

3. Meet Messenger Pellen at Library of the Sages.

4. Talk with Teleporter Polydius.

5. Go to Esterra.

6. Talk with Weda.

6. Talk with Sanctum Keeper Ador.

7. Talk with Ariel's Agent Weda.

8. Investigate the tower fragment at Eternal Pool.

(Open the spoilers)
1. Check your Cube for Quest.
2. Read the Munin's Letter. Aion0001.jpg 3. Meet with Messenger Edorin at Apellbine Tavern. Aion0002.jpg 4. Talk with Teleporter Doman. Aion0003.jpg 5. Go to Nosra.

6. Talk with Peregrine. Aion0004.jpg 7. Talk with Temple Manager Konratu. Aion0005.jpg 8. Talk with Azphel's Agent Peregrine. Aion0006.jpg 9. Investigate the tower fragment at Sanctuary Courtyard.

For those of you who are experiencing issues with this quest please do the following, in this order.
If you for whatever reason, do not have the letter you are supposed to. Please let one of the S.AM, H.GM, or Kaguya. They will get it to you.

1) Relog

if that does not work

2) type (if first part of quest 'Sealed Letter')

For Elyos : .questrestart 10520
For Asmodians : .questrestart 20520

Second Quest Step (Talk to Weda.)

Elyos : .questrestart 10521
Asmodians : .questrestart 20521

That will restart your quest, and start it from the very start.
If we find other issues, and or solutions we will update this thread.

Important: You need become a Archdaeva to equip some items
Check it

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I created a new character earlier but I did not get the ArchDaeva quest. Is there a way to get it aside from the commands given above? I was asking because the new characters created after the Essence Allocation Update does not have a free wing among other things...
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