at the start ...

so ...

Since this is a PVPVE server ... don't you think we should have the option to get PVE gear at the start of the game?

you only get to pick from PVP gear. and that's fine. keep that ... but perhaps give those who want more PVE the chance to do so?

IDK food for thought. maybe something drops the gear and I just don't know yet! lol

anyway! there is that


Ah jeeeez
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yep since there is a command .lvlup and pvp starter gears during lvl 1, most ppl come here for pvp. But maybe features like that will be available in the near future for players who wants adventure-type such as yourself :) .
just saw the addition of the harvester gear … maybe it will end up being master gear! :p

its exciting to try both spectrums. being a first time pvp player its fun to experiment so I do get a good laugh out of it.

but the pve gear would be nice just to have it . :p slowly but surely! ;)