Cannot acces the game through IP


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Hello, guys,
when i tipe my password i recieve a message that i cannot acces the game through this IP (22).
I live in Germany.Does anybody knoow what is that prob?


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For some reason when I try to log in it says 'You cannot access the game through this IP (22)' Is there something I can do about this? Thanks
I found out the reason this message. Just i dont know why i am banned. Last time i loged in to the server it was 1,5 years ago. And i had problems with crashing the game cuz of my windows.
Now i have win 10 and i hope they will be no more crash. As i tryed to login with my old account which was mambo5 it wont let me to login. I though my acc was deleted, cuz of long time no play.
But actually if we get this message it says we were banned. Alright if i am not welcome here its a pity, but i will leave whitout any prob.


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Hi, can you try to login now? Not sure who banned you since there's no logs. It doesn't say you're banned.

If it doesn't work, PM me your IP so I can look into it.

And yes, you are welcome here :)


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It freez when i press the OK button on the mesage that the recomanded server ist Siel. And then nothing. The background animation is active but the commands are frozen. Maybe i did not installed the game well? I followed the instruction. Loaded the 6.5 from the original and added the inhalt from the Dream Aion in to the Installed Game.
It takes time.


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It works but the trees and some items like the face shop from the beginning, when we chose a character are red and i think i need to make a new copy of the game, because i had the 6.5 from the NC Soft but what i did was that i extracted the files from the Dream Aion Client into d NC Soft directory. As i readed the instructions how to instal the game it was not necceserely to download the client from the Dream Aion site. Just toextract the Dream Aion Launcher in the NC Soft Dir and thats must be all.