INFO DreamAion Shutdown


Staff member
Dear players,

I have decided to shutdown DreamAion because I am simply tired. I am tired of the endless requests of players. The staff who are always misusing their powers and never coming online. I am tired of the endless people copying everything I do and it being shared/sold on every site. While Aion is one of my favorite games and the goal was to provide a better experience for Asian players from Gamezaion, I am over it. So I would like to say a dear thank you to Cornelia, Tsukuyo and many others who helped with this project.


Staff member
I'll help as a gm if came back if you let me though

1first put a reason for the players to stay online and not get bored
2 focos on pvp 40 love
3 advertise the game in Asia to get players
4 don't post in discord about donating do it in pm not in public
5 find a good and experience players to be a gm in game