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Hello Dreamers!

First off, I hope you're enjoying your favourite smoothie or lemonade in this summer heat! No, not that one..
We are looking for the Fashionable Character once again, by giving you a specific theme as always.

Do you happen to be a swimmer, baseball player, boxer, runner or a fitness model by any chance?
You might want to continue reading then!

Theme: Sporty

Take off your formal wear and get into comfy! Makeup is usually minimal to maintain a simple and natural look.
Do not forget a ponytail or your sport cap!

The focus must be on your character, however, your background and image composition will also be taken into consideration when we vote
Do not just stand with your character in your capital, get out into nature and take up a sport to get fit!
Share with us a picture of your toon taken during his/her exercise.

Everyone is allowed to join this event.
Plagiarism is forbidden! Anyone attempting to break this rule, will be given an instant disqualification.
► You may submit a maximum of 2 pictures (you are allowed to use two different characters for the 2 pics if you want).
► Do not forget to upload your picture(s) to Imgur before submitting your entry. Read above how to post them properly, please do not use attachments!
► Your entry must consist of one or two screenshots of your own character following the theme, which is 'Sporty'.
► Play with the opportunities! The use of emotes, sporty remodels, matching backgrounds is always something we appreciate more!
► As long as the event goes, you can change your entry at any time!
Make an effort! If your entry is lack of creativity, I will ask you to change it.
► You can edit your entries, but place the emphasis on your character (avoid merging 2 pictures into 1 or adding too special effects to your entry)!
► Participating with more than one account is not allowed!

(Insert your proof in a spoiler)
To know if your entry is valid, you will receive a 'Like' from me @Master

First Place Reward :
5x Executioner Caeus Armor Box of your own choice
2x Executioner Caeus Weapon Box
Second Place Reward :
2x Executioner Caeus Weapon Box +
20x Tiamat's Bloody Tears +
20x Level Reduction Stone
Third Place Reward :

10x Tiamat's Bloody Tears +
10x Level Reduction Stone + 500 Credits
Participant Reward :
5x Tiamat's Bloody Tears +
5x Level Reduction Stone
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