Mod Application Mod Application


Staff member
Nash Reyes

How old are you:
23 years old


I have 8 out of 10 experience on Moderating but I am confident that I can effectively manage the community.

How can you help moderate the forum?:
And Old AION Player that's why I know how Player's feel whenever there's a problem so I can help by responding on every Player's concern, I want to help each Player in every problems or concern they have in forums or even in-game this is the most important part of being a Moderator contributing in Player Support. Facilitating events in Forums, And also I am more than willing to help everyone by creating In-game guides (Manastone, Item Remodels, Sets, Instances, and Crafting) I can create Articles, guides, and everything that a Forum needs to have.

Do you have Discord? What is your Discord Username? (required):
Yes. Discord Username: Jejess#9592

Will you be active on forum? (required):
Yes. I am always online from 1:00PM to 7:00PM GMT+8