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Name: kent jay toquero
Location: philippines

have you ever moderated a forum before?: i never been a moderated before if you will accept my application i can be, i will try my best to be a moderator i played aion before in past past year i am good in everything if you will accept me as a moderator you wont regret it, even if i dont have experience being a moderator all i want is to deal with the player with a good attitude thats all thankyou.

What can i contribute as a moderator?: since im applying for this position i will give my time to help player who need a guide and other stuff and i will give time to furom and discord i can also help player to there concerns and anything else i will be a good firstimer moderator thats all thanks you

Do you have discord: yes i have discord name:Unknown #2463
will you be active in forum: YES
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