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Hello there guys.

I made this bug collection thread so everyone can add bugs they encounter.

Feel free to comment your bugs below, this thread will be updated regularly.

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World related bugs:
- Asmodea maps on Altgard, Morheim, Brusthonin, Norsvold are not implemented yet
- Elysea maps on Iluma, Verteron, Theobomos, Eltnen are not implemented yet
- Balaurea maps on Silentera Corridor, Levinshor are not implemented yet
- Flight Teleporter in Ishalgen, Aldelle Village does not work
Instance bugs:
- Haramel, Aturam Sky Fortress mobs have no aggro
- Aturam Sky Fortress bosses Popuchin, Weapon H, Aldreen have no loottable (e.g. only dropped trash), trash mobs have no loottable at all
- you cannot interact with H Core inside Aturam Sky Fortress
- some mobs inside Aturam Sky Fortress are floating
'Escape route' portal inside Aturam Sky Fortress doesnt work
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for those who don't up to 75 from LVL 1. it is a little difficult because most of the quests don't work.

don't get me wrong. I went to 75 from LVL 1 ... :p ( i know its a PVP server but still )

however, I did try to do some of the quests in Illuma ( the Daily ones, the Spy ones and the artifacts ) and they work but nothing happens once you finish it. ( you can finish SOME but not all )

no point in doing artifacts for the quests because we don't use Grey Wolf or Master Harvester.

the daily ones and the spy ones ... would be nice if you could get the exp from them. I don't think it would do much .. but it would give us something to do.

this is also a part of a few other topics that ill find and post in as well. but just to give my two cents
when you're flying around illuma, I'm sure the same goes for Nors...

the flight teleporter can be used but once I reach to my location it breaks and won't let me land. i have to relog each time after using the flight transporter lol