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What is Armsfusion?
So what exactly is Armsfusion? It's basically a way to combine the stats of two distinct weapons into one, and the process requires the player to choose a primary item for its stats and appearance, as well as a secondary item from which partial stats will be applied to the primary. It's also worth noting that the secondary weapon will be destroyed in the combine, so make sure you're not dropping any one-of-a-kind weapons in the secondary slot.

In something of a departure for Aion crafting, there is no chance of failure when completing an Armsfusion combine (and there was much rejoicing from Sanctum to Pandaemonium). Also, your chosen two-handers must be of the same type (i.e. you can't take the stats from a bow and apply them to an orb, but you can combine a polearm with another polearm).

Weapons available for Armsfusion:

The Fusion of two-handed weapons is a sort of stat extraction. A Primary weapon is chosen for its Appearance and Characteristics and then combined with the stats extracted from a Secondary weapon

The two-handed weapons must be the same type (Greatsword + Greatsword, or Orb + Orb), and the secondary weapon is destroyed once combined with the primary.

Armsfusion can be completed by visiting an Armsfusion Officer located in each race’s capital city and paying a fee.
There is no chance for failure.
The Fusion may be undone; restoring the Primary weapon to its original state. The secondary weapon is not returned. This process is known as Armsbreaking.

Armsfusion Officer

Speaking with an Armsfusion Officer will allow you to fuse two weapons or break two fused weapons apart.
The Fusion of two-handed weapons is executed through an Armsfusion Officer. For Elyos, the Armsfusion Officer is located in Sanctum’s Elyos Square. For Asmodians, the Officer is located in the Pandaemonium Market Street. The same NPC will also be able to remove Fusion from a weapon.

Locations of the Armsfusion Officers


Structure and Result of Fusion

Primary Weapon: A weapon which is enhanced by receiving the stats of another weapon.
Secondary Weapon: A weapon which is consumed to enhance the primary weapon by donating a portion of its stats, as well as its manastone sockets.
The two weapon types must match.
The secondary weapon’s level, no matter the rarity of each, should be equal to or below the primary.
Resultant Item: Confirmation of the weapons Fusion Statistics.
10% of Attack and Magic Boost are the only basic stats of the secondary weapon that are transferred.
Manastone slots and bonus stats of a secondary weapon are also transferred to the primary weapon.
For multiple Attack Speed, Casting Speed, and PvP damage bonuses, the higher bonus between the two weapons is applied.
Once fused, a weapon becomes Unsaleable / Untradeable / Unstorable in account warehouse / Unable to store in legion warehouse.**

**Please note that combining special weapons such as the Daevanian weapons also alters their ability to be traded between characters via the account warehouse. If you then break apart these weapons, they will retain their original characteristics.


1. Left click the item and click modify to begin the process.


2. Select your Primary and Secondary weapons to fuse into one. You will now see the cost and can preview the expected result.

3. You will receive a confirmation dialog telling you which item will be destroyed and what the final cost will be.


4. The result is a new weapon with more power and the stats and manastone sockets of both weapons.

Result of the Armsfusion
As you can see, the attack has been enhanced by fusing the two basic stats above. Regardless of soul-binding state, Fused weapons will always be Untradeable.

Tips for Fusing
Fusion of Enchanted Weapons
The enchantment level of a primary weapon stays the same even after Fusion.
The enchantment level of a secondary weapon is erased after Fusion.

Fusion and Manastones
When two weapons are Fused together, the Resultant Item will have the combined total of Manastone sockets from both weapons. The sockets will remain separate and can be socketed as if they were two unique weapons. In addition, any manastones already socketed will remain unaffected. Any Manastone failures will only affect the group you are trying to socket.

The Godstone from the Primary weapon is kept. If the Secondary weapon has a Godstone it will be destroyed

Extendable Weapons
The appearance and characteristics of a primary weapon stay the same even after Fusion.
If the Primary weapon is extendable, that characteristic will be maintained after Fusion.
The appearance and characteristics of the Secondary weapon do not apply.

If you have any Questions, Clarifications or Suggestions please leave a Comment below or send a Private Message ;) ..
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I literally did talk to NPC just to do Armfussion
That would be impossible. The armfusion NPCs were disabled of their main function after the 5.3 update.
I didn't know I can do it by just right-clicking the item
You don't right click on the item, doing that will only equip it. You have to left click on the item so that it would open the options to Enchant/Remodel.