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The Assassin is the master of the shadows of Aion and has the best stealthand one of the highest damage bursts of all the classes. Assassins are also excellent in disabling and locking down their targets. These abilities go hand in hand, as an expert Assassin can sneak up on his target and burst it down before his target can even react.

Play Style

Assassins are one of the highest DPS classes and are extremely deadly in both PvE and PvP. Their weapons of choice are either dual wielded swords, daggers, or a combination of the two. While assassins are also proficient with bows, a bow is generally only used by Assassins to kite or chase a fleeing target. In general, assassins are known for their ability to approach their targets completely undetected and lock them down while dealing massive amounts of damage.

Swords vs. Daggers
Dual wielding swords grant a higher base damage output, but lower Crit Strike. Swords have a base Crit Strike of 50, compared to the 100 from daggers, and players must slot more Crit Strike to reach the crit soft cap. Swords are a 2-strike weapon and do more base damage per swing when auto-attacking.
Dual wielding daggers grant increased accuracy, attack speed and a higher base Crit Strike. Dagger's base attack speed is 1.2s (compared to the 1.4s for swords). While the daggers generally do less damage per attack, the increased attack speed and accuracy make them viable in combat. With the daggers higher crit strike chance, players can choose to slot attack manastones instead of crit strike to augment their damage.

In solo play, an Assassin will usually kill a target mob in seconds. However, as their buffs run out and are on cooldown, the Assassin will take some damage as they engage mobs and will have to rest to regenerate shortly. As such, their solo grindingability is mediocre when compared to a ranged class. With the use of life potions however, an Assassin will have no problems continuously killing mobs with ease.
In group play, Assassins are sought after as they provide excellent DPS. It is possible for a well geared Assassin to "steal" a mob's aggro from even a Templar through the sheer amount of damage done. Also, in end-game, well geared Assassins can main tank many instances, provided that their group can CC or hold aggro on multiple targets. One thing to note is that if there are two or more Assassins in the same group, they will share the runes they carve on a single mob, meaning that if one Assassin uses the runes, the other Assassin will not get the full effect of their rune skill.

In solo PvP, an Assassin is unmatched by any other class. With the use of Shadow Walk, an assassin can stay in advanced hide state indefinitely, making them undetectable to all other classes except Rangers, mid level Gunslingers, and other Assassins, who can only detect them once every five minutes. With this being the case, the Assassin can usually be assured that no one will detect them as they sneak up on their target. Also, as the Assassin has a plethora of stun and disabling skills, once an attack has been initiated, it is safe to assume that the target will never even get a skill off before the assassin kills them. If at any time, things begin to look badly for them, Assassins can simply outrun their enemies with the use of their Sprinting skill. Usually, everything is decided within the first ten seconds of an engagement and will end with one of three outcomes: The target is either dead, the target is attempting to run, or you should sprint away, hide, then try again as the attack has failed.
In group PvP, an Assassin will usually help focus down the main target of a group by locking them down and incapacitating them. The Assassin can also provide advanced scouting through the use of their hide skills and can flank an enemy group as the main group attacks from the front.

In most scenarios, be it PvE or PvP, assassins usually have one thing to optimize; attack. As assassins already get excellent buffs that raise their damage, critical rate and attack speed, the only thing left to improve is the actual damage dealt. As most assassins by endgame socket only attack manastones in all their gear, acquiring gear with lots of manastone slots will quickly and drastically improve an assassin's rate of dps. Also, using swords (at least one with an attack speed boost) over daggers will ultimately result in higher damage dealt, as swords deal more damage and assassins can easily hit the attack speed cap with the use of their Flurry skill.

From my point of view there are 4 possible sets to do , of course you can make some hybrids and others but you will need at last those 4 :


So lets see which we should use and when ->


This is set that i use most of the time. You can go with 3/4 parts of Attack/hp and rest on Attack/Crit. This is interesting build for your solo Open World pvp , it gives you crit strike (when using Crit strike scroll and Clear focus) crit strike around 1k and thats high enough to beat cap. Another part of this build is that u will go on 13k hp with basic chanters buffs , with BoS and Slayer u can go up to 17,5k hp, making your assassin able to kill people even inside zerg and getting away alive. Its ideal build to go when u want high survivability and decent burst.


Set that should be used mainly in group pvp, the reasons are that group buffs will give you hp even over 19k and u will have time to help your group by bursting someone and not needed to be healed right away. The high survivability makes it ideal partner for Chanter. But despite this , you can choose even dps build for group


This build is pain in the ass of many aion classes. The high resist chance combined with Slayer is great almost agains every class, giving you the ability to not just resist effects of some skills or skills at all but also stuns. Going with this build combined with Slayer , u will reach aroun 2,3k M.ress which is more than most of the sorces or SM hit. Also it makes killing rangers and other assassins alot easier.


This set has main purpose vs gladiators and assassins. When going agains mainstream gladiators , you will probably dodge like 1 of 10 skills, same for assassins (not buffed with OoA). You can always boost it by using Evasion boost after successful dodge which will help alot but the most significant part comes with SB, for gladiator its like 12s blind

Attack is your physical damage output modifier before stat modifications. It is diminished directly by Physical Defence. You can increase your attack via a stronger tier weapon, enchantments, manastones, augmenting/conditioning, supplementary stats, food, candy and some titles.
Hovering over your Attack Stat will show two numbers; what I call White Attack on the left, and Green Attack on the right. This is where we begin to see that not all Attack is created equal. You will have observed in game that when using Attack Buffs (Devotion, etc) they do not function off of your full attack, but instead off of your White Attack. Your skill tooltips will only increase when you equip a higher tier weapon regardless of White or Green attack increases.
Increasing Attack Effectively
As observed, all Attack is not equal, thus we are able to determine which are the most effective in increasing our damage output. Due note that all forms of attack will increase your outgoing damage on both skills and auto attacks, but some are affected by outside factors and have a continued effect elsewhere.
  • Weapon Base Attack - White - Is affected by Power trickle and affects skills bases, buffs and attack swings
  • Enchanted Attack - White - Is affected by Power trickle and affects buffs and attack swings
  • Weapon Supplement Attack - Green - Is affected by Power trickle and affects attack swings. This is the attack bonus attached to the weapon, not including augmented/conditioned attack
  • Other Attack Sources - Green - Affects attack swings only. This includes attack from manastones, titles, etc

Weapon Attack eclipses all others in terms of effectiveness, but obviously however is likely going to be the most expensive to increase. When gearing up, calculate the Kinah/Attack ratio for your most viable upgrades and simply continue to chose the one with the most value.
Composite Manastones can certainly still be useful, but These stones are outdated, and you should be trying to acquire as much useable archdaeva gear as possible to take use of the Archdaeva manastones. While very efficient use of Attack 6/Crit/Acc composites and Power 7/8/9/10 will net the highest attack currently possible, you are scarificing a working level of MagAcc and hefty amount of PhysDef, and ultimately you will be less effective.

Accuracy affects your chance to hit versus the Block, Parry and Evasion defensive stats.
Whether or not you hit is a 4 Roll check.
1. Are you skill blind?
-> Yes - Varies. See Quote.
2. You Accuracy vs Their Block (Accuracy-Block)/10=Block chance - 50% Cap
3. You Accuracy vs Their Parry (Accuracy-parry)/10=Parry chance - 40% Cap
4. You Accuracy vs Their Evasion (Accuracy-Evasion)/10=Evade chance - 30% Cap

Not all blinds are created equal. Sandstorm trap 50%. GS blind is 60%. Sin blind is 80%. Cleric blind is 90%. Shimmerbomb is 100%
Crit Strike
Crit strike modifies your chance to critically hit. Every 10 points of Crit Strike increases your outgoing chance by 1%, and is a simple one roll check. The damage increase from Crit Strikes is applied after Physical Defence modifiers, and is determined initially by your weapon, Daggers being 2.3 times, and Swords 2.2 times.

  • Your Crit Strike vs Their Strike Resist (Crit Strike-Strike Resist)/10=Crit chance - 50% Cap
Super simple stuff; Crit Strike is your number one stat priority. Bottom line.
As most geared players typically run around with between 500SR and 700SR, gearing to around 1200 Crit self buffed will be effective, but not cover all bases. Due note that Searching Strike has a -300 Crit mod, and Block/MR hybrid sets with SR will eventually become viable meaning 1200 Crit won't be enough to ensure the future of your build.
Socketing a little extra Precision/Crit Strike into your Armour will mean optimizing against a lower/higher SR opponent, and is further possible via swapping between Attack and Crit food.
For the majority of PvE content your buffed Crit should sit at 1400, and 1600 for Bastion of Souls. For many lesser geared players this might seem like an illogical stretch given the vast Attack sacrifice it may require, but so long as your mainhand weapon is respectable there is nothing to worry about.

Attack Speed
Your AA swing cooldown. Your attack speed increases will also reduce skill animation time, thus maximising Attack Speed is vital to making the class work. It will however come naturally with gear, and caps at 50% bonus.
Bonuses available solo are
  • 3% from Candies (4% on Premium Candies)
  • 9% from Scroll
  • 8% on Gloves
  • 3% on Title (4% on Limited Titles)
  • 19% on Weapon
  • 20% with Flurry
Thus, without using Flurry we can achieve 42(+2)% Bonus Attack Speed. As with the other classes, the game almost plays itself after 40% bonus AS, and since damage isn't persistent and comes in strikes, getting in 1 or 2 more attacks results in a very large damage increase in a PvP encounter.

Your movement speed in Meters per Second (1m:3.2ft). It can be increased or decreased as both a flat amount or % based and caps at 12m/s while on foot and 16m/s in flight.
Bonuses available solo are
  • 30% from Scroll
  • 22% on Boots
  • 5% on Title
  • 5% from Prestige
  • 20% with Sprinting
Runspeed is the secret OP stat. Having a markedly greater movespeed than your enemy opens up the option to chase during their kite phases and eliminates their ability to do so on you. This sort of control in PvP is an immeasureable asset and I highly recommend getting a 5% title and Prestige if you PvP often.

Physical Defensive Stats

Physical Defence
Every 10 points of Physical Defence will decrease the damage from a strike by 1. It has come into our kits naturally as a part of pursueing Power and the difference between between old manastone geared and new manastone geared shines here. Compared to a composite socketed player, an Archdaeva manastoned player could very easily have 1.5k more Physical Defence, and it has a huge effect on ones ability to tank.

Blocking will reduce incoming damage from a melee strike by between 40% and 70% depending on shield quality and enchantment level, capping at a 50% rate. Block capping against a physical opponent will reduce all damage by between 20% and 35% (50% of all damage cut by 40-70%).
It is not possible for Assassins to block. Templars are going to abuse sissy stance in every situation they can, and you will not defeat an equal geared Templar unless you force a missplay.

Parrying will reduce the damage from a melee Strike by 50% at a max 40% chance, and against parry classes will proc reactive skills. Assassins have no Parry reactive skills. Gladiators and Chanters are the only classes that benefit from Parry, but often they cannot maintain an effective setup while pursueing a working level.
Parry capping against a physical opponent will reduce incoming damage by 20% (40% of all damage is reduced by half).

Evading a skill will avoid all damage from the strike and end the skill chain if the strike was a skill, capping at a 30% chance.
Evasion capping against a physical opponent will reduce incoming damage by over 30%, as the ending of skill chains will further impact their damage to some degree. I haven't checked honestly, but I'm pretty sure it is not possible for Evasion to be an effective stat given the current availability of Precision and Accuracy.

Strike Resist
Strike resist is rolled against our opponent's Crit Strike to determine their Crit Strike chance upon us. It is gained via Accessories, Manastones, Armour and Enchanting and Archdaeva Agility. For slaughtering undergeared melee players SR can work wonders, but it is useless against over half of the available classes in the game.
While we are deep into the Expansion already, SR sets are low on the priority lists of defensive Clerics/Chants/Temps. They are however capable of reaching over 1.5k SR. I don't presume we will see SR sets from the majority of players ever, as more balanced builds will offer better effectiveness for less investment.
Strike resist capping against a physical opponent will reduce incoming damage by up to 28.2%, becoming less effective versus weapons with lower Crit Strike mods.

Strike Fortitude
Reduces the critical modifier of incoming critical strikes, also serves as a good indicator of the item's tier level, and thus also the tier of remaining set pieces. There is currently no such thing as SF Penetration yet, but I imagine in the future building SF and then mitigating it will become a thing.
SF works by reducing critical modifiers at a 1:.01 rate, thus having 100SF will reduce a daggers critical mod from 2.3 to 2.2. It is acquired naturally as a part of the gearing process for most classes, found on Hats and Belts typically. Yayy.

Magical Offence Stats

Magic Boost
Magic boost increases magical damage done by 10:(Innate Knowledge*.01)% and is offset at a 1:1 ratio by Magic Suppression.
While MB does affect the damage portion of our runes, it is simply not viable to rely on our runes for damage, and thus isn't viable to socket. The current MB cap in Aion is 3.2k, but I have read it is going to be increased in 5.8 to 3.3k.

Magical Accuracy
Rolls against your opponent's Magic Resist to determing whether or not your Magical Debuffs and effects land. If your ambush fails to stun, it is possibly a result of this check.
  • Your Magical Accuracy vs Their Magical Resist (Mag Accuracy-Mag Resist)/10=Resist Chance, capping at 50%
Shock state resistances are available through some item set effects, skills and is passive on Chain wearers, and will sometimes negate Stun/Aethers Hold/Spin/Knockback/Stumble, etc effects. Using Killer's Eye effectively will remove some of the power behind Shock State resistance.

How much Magical Accuracy do I need?
This here is a matter of need and want. Having your magical debuffs and states land reliably without buff assistance gives you a lot of reliable control in fights. Geared full MR opponents however are capable of seeing over 3.7K, thus Assassins are never going to see reliable skills without buff assistance.
Max abyss geared players are seeing 2.3k MR unassisted, so that should be the endgame benchmark, as the new Slayer Form+Oath/Killers will be effective against full MR targets at that stage. Minimal MA I personally would say is 2k, allowing us to attain 2.3k while old Slayer Form is up. As Precision/Will builds become more available as we progress into 5.8, there is a possibility to our MA requirements might shoot up.

Internal MA

Some skills have boosts to their MA internally, and this not listed anywhere in game. You may have felt the effects of these, but regardless here is the list of skills that have internal effects.
Damage Portion
  • Agony Rune - 1000
  • Other Runes - 500
  • Fangdrop - 500
Debuff Portion
  • Pain Rune - 500
  • Shimmerbomb - 1000
  • Blinding Burst - 500
  • Ambush - 500
  • Blindside - 500
Lightning Slash, Venomous Strike and Massacre have no internal MA boosts. Note that Quickening Doom/Shadowfall are Physical effects, and thus not affected by MA. I will go into further detail on Shock State Resistance a little later.

Crit Spell
Functions exactly the same as Crit Strike except for spells, with most casts having a 1.5x Crit Modifier. This is a scary stat as there is no viable way for Sins to combat the huge Crit Spell sorcs are staring at these days and there is almost no room for missplay agaisnt casters.

Healing Boost
Increases healing at a rate of 10:1%. This affects all our self heals, but we can never get enough for it to be used effectively.

Cast Speed
Decreases spell casting speed. Completely irrelevant to Assassins. Note that it doesnot decrease spell cast animation speeds, as that part is still tied to regular attack speed.

Magical Defence Stats

Magical Defence
Reduces incoming Magical Damage by a flat amount at a ratio of 10:1, similar to Physical Defence. It is not a very common stat, and is regardless encountered as part of the natural gearing process as a part of Armour Enchanting. It does however stack up very quickly, specially against SM and Gunners, whom deal lower damage strikes very rapidly.

Magic Suppression
Offsets Magic Boost at a 1:1 ratio, thus nulifying the damage multiplier on spells from enemies. Super important. You want as much of it as you can get because Casters are very formidable this patch.
It is possible to attain very high levels of MS in the current patch, circa 4k, however this is a very dfficult set to complete, both time consuming and expensive. The best MS stones, +50 are now unavilable in game, thus best in slot MS sets are also unlikely to ever appear. It requires crafting and all sorts of nonsense, but it is none the less 'a thing'.

Magic Resist
Rolls against your opponents Magical Accuracy to determine their spell damage and effect lands on you; (Mag Accuracy-Mag Resist)/10 = Resist %, capping at 50%.
  • Typical geared players will have up ~2.3k MR
  • Precision/Will geared players will have ~3.1-3.4k MR while maintaining Crit/MA
  • Full MR players can attain over ~3.7k MR
We have moved well into the expansion; Clerics and Chanters have finished their first sets of gear, thus MR sets will be moving into their peak of abundance. It is unlikely that Precision/Will sets for Assassins will be viable until 5.8 is in full swing, when stat availability has hit its peak, but it is plausible that very well geared players will see use out of them regardless.

Spell Resist
Rolls against your opponents Spell Crit to determine their chance to crit on you. It is available from Armour Enchanting, Accessories, Manastones, Idians and Archdaeva Will. It is not viable for Assassins to attain a working level of Spell Resist to counter a geared caster, as they are able to see numbers of over 800SR. If you are Precision/Will geared you may start to see early effectiveness, but at a huge offensive sacrifice.

Spell Fortitude
Functions similarly to Strike Fortitude, but to be honest I have no idea. I have only ever had the stat on one piece a few years ago; it's a rather rare stat, and to maximize it would require a lot of level 65 balic crafting. Fun if you enjoy the grind, the gamble and the fashaion, but overall not effective. Not a priority for typical Assassins.

Elemental Resist
Reduces Magical Damage at a ratio 100:7.5%, applied very late in the damage calculation. While it is a very effective stat, it's availability clashes with 0.4% godstone suppression in the headslot and massive stat loss in the belt slot, which has rendered it no longer viable.
Some classes receive it as part of buffs and passives, but as we do not deal magical damage it doesn't really concern us anymore.

Shock State Resistance

A stat that is unlisted on the character screen, but is one of the most important stats in the game. Alongside MA checks on the CC portions of our skills, they also face a Shock Resistance check. This stat is covers a broad range of resistances to states such as Stun and Aethers Hold.

  • Clerics get some for free; 300 as a passive, which converts to 30%. In truth they need this in group PvP, but it's a very powerful free buff.
  • Templars and Gladiators get 800 on their skill Unwavering Devotion. If it's possible, kite this off or prevent it's cast through Silence bury.
  • We get it on Breakaway, 500 for 7 seconds.
  • Robots MUST get some of it from something somewhere, but I haven't actually learned how to fight them.


Regardless of what your endgame build is going to be, the majority of your stats will come from your manastone build. It does not matter what the build is, in the current meta your MUST obtain working levels of both Crit and MA to compete, else you are going to limited in your offensive options.

As they come cheap, your minimum should be Precision/Power +6, and ultimately aim to sate either Accuracy, Crit Strike or MA effective zones. For me, and what I understand those zones to be are circa 4.2k Acc, 1.3k Crit and 2.1kMA. Pick one, get it, then stack whatever else you want. I recommend going for 2.1kMA

Godstones Selection

A perk of being able to wield multiple weapons allows Assassins to effectively mix and match Godstones to cover different situations. Choosing a good combo to compliment your needs and playstyle is an important aspect of the game.

For people leveling, don't worry about Godstones. If you find them, don't hesitate to throw a blue damage godstone in anything. They are trash, but the kind you still use cause you are like 'why not' or 'better than nothing'.

Many people dislike Godstones in that they add an aspect, of and to Aion combat that devalues skill and dedication. I can vividly remember being killed by a Discordant Assassin with dual blue para stones late in 4.X after being back to back procced 3 times. While this is very frustrating, they none the less play a part in Aion PvP regardless of the honour involved.

Much of the reasoning that contributed to Godstone selection in the past is still mostly valid, but with %GSS in the picture this can skew rather quickly, and also slightly further when we take Para and Silence Resistance into the equation.

I will now refer to every available godstone style, comment on their use and viability and my personal opinion.

  • Stun 6/7% Proc Rate, 1 Sec duration
Highe proc rate, shortest duration hard CC Godstone. Useful against all classes, but particularly caster classes, as even small interrupts can deter long spell casting. I find they are best used which another Stun godstone, as their high relative proc rate instills a feeling of reliability behind them.

I have used dual Stun in the past and found them to be effective in slowly changing the favor in a battle, and due to their subtle nature their effectiveness they often goes under appreciated.

  • Paralyze 2% 5s, 3% 4s, 4% 4s

Just kidding, sorta. Considering even modestly geared players can achieve 2%GSS, and upper tier players regularly roll around with ~3%, the once mighty Para has fallen so far from grace that they are a waste of a socket. I have not been paralysed months.

If you were S/S, possibly dual 4% para could be a useful thing, but then you have to be able to play S/S comfortably to be able to utilise it. Ironically, by the same measure that we determine that 4%x2 is better for S/S would also imply an equal impact on other godstones, thus meaning it is indeed NOT better. But S/S Parax2 on swords is rather visually spectacular, so it gets style points; the true endgame.

  • Immobalise 2/3% 10s
Same as para. Their low proc rates have rendered them rather inefficient. I wouldn't bank on Immo to save you, let alone banking on seeing it ever proc at a measly .1% rate. If it did ever proc though, it unlike Para is removeable via GHP.

  • Silence 5% 8s, 6/7% 7s
The bass is raw. Silence is a top pick. It retains a useable procrate after %GSS and applies one of the most debilitating effects in the game. Almost all defensive abilities will be locked away if silenced, and they last long enough to invariably turn the tide of the fight if left unchecked.

A good silence proc is typically a death sentence, specially if it occurs late in the encounter. I use Silence in my mainhand in PvP.

  • Blind 5/6/7% 8s
Another good pick for the same reasons as silence, though slightly less used simply due to the ability to deny self defence is a greater asset to Assassins than the ability to deny damage when on the offense. A solid blind proc will give you more time against a Glad or Temp to find an opening, and possibly the W if you can turn that proc into a bury or a GHP burn.

I'm a fan of Blind; I have blind on my Offhand Sword, which I share with my PvE set.

  • Attack Speed Reduction 5/6% 10s
There is very little that is more frustrating to a player than to be completely denied their ability to function by cutting their AS in half. This reduction is effective against all classes and is a fairly decent pick that is typically available rather cheap. While not ensuring victory with a proc, an early proc can be rolled into Signet Silence later in the fight to continue the effect.

I used ASR alongside MSR late in 4.X and found them to be effective. I currently use ASR on my Mainhand Dagger for PvE.

  • Movement Speed Reduction 5/6% 10s
The only thing more frustrating than ASR is MSR. Players are so used to moving rather quickly throughout the world that MSR is really tilting. It seems like a really silly condition to waste a skill or GHP to clear, and is specially useful once you are in the lead. Helps close out kills very quickly.

I find MSR to be a pretty good pick for the very geared, as an early proc means an easy kill, and in group environments it allows you to move onto new targets quicker

  • Poison 10/11% 20s
Provides Assassins with another avenue to poison the enemy, but is otherwise simply a bury tool. And since it functions as a bury tool you need another weapon to swap to ensure you don't reapply the proc and ruin your bury. For real though, Poison proc+VS+Massacre+Encircling will do some real damage if you stack them all up.

  • Bleed 8% 10s
A secondary bury Godstone that deals slightly increased damage compared to Poison, but lasts half as long. Considering the damage is of negligible use compared to it's bury capability, I don't see any major reason to use Bleed over almost any other stone. It's just not the best of what is available at anything.

  • Elemental Damage Variable
Damage godstones should mostly be reserved for PvE or Fashaion. Their damage bonuses pale in comparison to the effective damage output increase from the CC godstones allow us. They do however look rather knifty, and they can be fun for other various reasons.

Elemental damage stones are actually the true endgame in Aion. When the day comes you are so good, and so geared and you know it you will no longer desire any added benefit from the godstone socket, and simply take dual 22% Fire Godstones for the style points. My man.


Comfort Picks - Blind, Silence
New Meta - ASR, MSR, Stun, Elemental

Bury Weapon - Poison

Ornamental - Immo, Para, Bleed, Elemental

Any combination of the comfort and meta picks will yield the best results, with Silence being considered the most effective at changing the momentum of the battle. Top swagger is with MSR in my opinion, but ASR has an angelic charm to it which suits the Archdaeva theme of the expansion.

PvP as Assassin

Assassin is very situational class most of the tactics will work just fine but u never know what happens

Lets start from Lower defense to higher


When it comes on Assassin vs Sorcerer it always depends how well you can time your AT and FE and also how good you are in waving and keeping on the top of the target. Sorcerers (or at last most of them) will go on you with 2 possible tactics.

The first one is to stun you and cc you to get you into the Aether's hold. In this case , dont use RS on his Arcane thunderbolt nor on his Illusion storm unless you see that they are not gonna cc you, if you do , than use FE or AT right away. Dont waste your AT ! If you get root , use FoS to get away. The hardest thing is to be able to resist Silence and/or stuns. Its hard because the cast is very fast.

The second one is that they are gonna kite you and try to waste your resist skills , this is the time when u shouldn't waste them, than they will usually go for Frost,Flamecage, flamefusion, Silence and root, resist the silence and/or root by AT, if u have root use FoS.

When you go on sorcerer, always approach in hide, open the fight with FE, Surprise Attack than use Ambush and Ripclaw, feel free to pop up Slayer in hide, with devotion and killer's eye, Also you can start the fight by using Massacre. By this time Sorcerer should have RS up unless he uses port/tree from RS.If he port , use AT and go with Ambush to stun-lock target if the illusions is up than use Dash Attack and wave + skill , than Ambush. If he use Tree than he shouldn't land it because we open with prebuffed FE - in that case we have huge advantage and we can stun-lock right away.

In the case he dont use any skill after RS than feel free to pop up SB and keep on him all the time, when the RS is off than use binding and finnish him.

Spirit Master

One of the hardest classes to fight. Always approach in hide , open as usual with Massacre or Surprise attack with FE , than use Ripclaw, pain rune or you can go for Ambush right away. Remember, dont buff your self except devotion and killers eye for first few skills. and same with sorcerer, if he uses any of his skills after RS , he will probably resist to you FE if he is not fast enough in removing you FE while your jump on him. In case he use the RS skill , just stun lock him.

If he does not, than u have to be very patient , SM usually go with 2 dots , than body root and silence + root, u should be pationt to this and use AT in the time u have 2 dots , if you are lucky , than you will resist it, if he use root just use FoS than buff flurry and finnish him.


For me the easiest class to beat. Most of the rangers , even high ranked, are braindead facerollers.

Basically if the ranger does not have eye and didnt see u going to hide, than use CF,Flurry, Devotion and Killers eye, open with Massacre or Surprise attack , than go for Ripclaw and Pain Rune.

This strategy gives him time to use FE somewhere between , i like it more to go Surprise -> Ambush –> Shadowfall –> Ripclaw. than pop up SB or AT to be sure to resist Sleep Arrow, feel free to pop up Slayer when u want. If he wont use any skill after remove shock than u have 2 possibilities.
First is to go after him , since u have sb on and try to make more dmg, or the second is to use FoS and gain distance. If you gain distance, than just use Dash Attack when his RS is off and use Binding rune right away, if he use FE remove it by Blinding Burst or if you are close use wave or skill.

If you fight ranger that have eye II or u dont have hide and he can see u , than dont bother with hide and go on him right away, most of the rangers prebuff FE , if he does so , use Radiant rune and than Ambush right away.

If the ranger save his RS than here comes the part when u have to show your skills with Assasin or just pop up Deadly focus and burst him down.


This is very interesting fight , in this fight its not about who crit more or who who use RS first, is about having the resist skills when you need them. Good timing is basicly the win/loose factor. You will have to figure out your own tactic for Assassins its very hard to give advices on this. Maybe just one : Dont waste any resist skills (except FE, it will make him use Radiant rune or resist his ambush) right on beginning , you will need skills like AT or SB when you RS goes down. By the way .... Full buffed sin is better to kite


The chanter is thought class to beat, hard to kite with his speed and his 2 RS. There are many ways to beat chanter but i will cover 2 basic.

The first one is basically game of RS, try to make pressure on him and make him use both RS , best way is to put him in Stumble with his first RS , than there is a chance of making him use the second RS too. , than Stunlock him.

The second one : Approach in hide and use Killers eye + devotion and OoA and use Massacre, than go on Ambush ,use Venomous Strike if you have or wait for poison , than Ripclaw, Radiant rune and blind right after, than burst down or you can use this as an advantage for the first tactic when taking his RSs down.

Many Chanters save the Protective Ward for the time when they dont have RS and they have 5 runes or they know that you can stun them.


Talking about !Aion , you will probably meet block clers most of the time in open world pvp, make them use RS by usual openers. When their RS is down it is very important to buff OoA and try to burst, it will make you proc more non-block dmg.

If we are talking about DPS cler , than you have to pay attention to your debuffs , many clers do 2 dots , than blind, its good to resist one of those dots by AT/FE or resist the blind by AT/FE. Save your FoS for the time you get rooted , you have no pot and he is Casting Call Lightning or is low on hp and is trying to heal him self.

M.ress cleric is pain in the ass too. OoA will come very handy.


Hardest Class to beat with assassin. Here are several reasons : UD, WoS, High dps, high deff.

This is nice duel to show how Aion made 1v1 imbalanced. Allways approach in hide, than use Massacre, Ambush, Ripclaw and Radiant rune right away. Do all this while buffed with OoA and dmg buffs, than you have to burst, you have +- 7 seconds for Radiant Rune in that time he wont be able to buff him self , if he removes it by pot, than use Blinding rune and burst.

Most of glads when they get from your silence , they smash their face on keyboard and full buff everything, SW, UD, Stamina recovery, WoS. if they dont pot the silence, try to carve some runes and stunlock him before he will be able to use UD because the Silence and his RS wil have almost the same duration.

Allthrough gladi is very hard to fight with assassin


Templar is basically the same as gladiator , but instad of his high dmg , the have things that will destroy your whole day, like Iron Skin and Aether Armor. Its best to chatch Templar whitout these buffs. Do the same with gladi, but if he pot the silence, than he will probably go for UD and Aether armor. this will be the time to use OoA and try to proc blind, if he use Iron skin, than pop up SB , and kite him.

AT will come handy too to resist the slow effects of his pulls , its is better to start burst with your high dmg buffs when his 2 pulls are down, otherwise he will just pull u , making you unable to do anything for several seconds.

I would say that very good templars are almost impossible to kill, but the less experienced would go better if you know what you are doing.

Signet Patterns: What are Signet Patterns? How do they work? How do they effect stuns?

- Signet Patterns are often considered to be the Aion equivalent of a WoW Rogue's "Combo Points". Both of which can be stacked up to the maximum intensity of 5, and upon using a signet skill all engraved signet patterns on the target are consumed.
How are they used?:

- The more signet patterns engraved on a target, the greater effect the signet bursting ability will have on the target.

- Pain Rune is an example of a skill that utilizes signet patterns. As you can see from the tooltip, the more signet patterns erased/consumed, the higher the damage will be, and the higher chance you have of stunning the target.

- Signet Patterns are arguably the most difficult concept behind Assassins, as well the hardest thing to efficiently manage (next to rotation and cooldowns). Not every skill uses signet patterns, or applies patterns.

- Signet patterns compound with other Assassin's engraving abilities. If you have two Assassin's on one target, their signet pattern application and consumption will be from the same pool, and are still capped at 5 pattern levels. Therefore monitoring, coordinating, applying, and removing signet patterns is rather important when two or more Assassin's are on a single target at the same time. Read on to find out more.

Signet Stun Mechanics: Coming soon.

Pattern Engraving: Engraving is the method of applying a pattern to your target. Each skill that has the ability to apply a pattern can only do so up to a certain intensity, and that intensity can be found in the skill description. See the following skill for an example:

Rune Carve I

As you can see from the above tooltip the skill "Engrave Signet" can apply patterns "up to the level of 3". The pattern level can only go up one level at a time, per skill used. There are skills that are capable of applying up to 3 signet pattern levels, as well as ones that are capable of applying up to 5 signet pattern levels. See the following skill for an example:

Fang Strike I

The skills that can apply up to the 3rd level means that upon reaching pattern level 3 it will not be capable of pushing the pattern level any higher without using a skill that can go to level 5. Skills that can apply pattern up to level 5 however can further the targets Signet level from 1, all the way up to 5. This limitation makes it more difficult to obtain the maximum 5 patterns, and forces you to choose which skill to use in order to further it rather than simply spamming random skills to achieve 5 patterns without effort.

Photos: The following photo is of an Assassin's level 5 pattern graphic. At level 1 there is only one square, at level 2 there are two squares, and so on. This is different than the debuff icon found found on the targets buff/debuff bar. The graphic only lasts for roughly .5-1 second before fading.

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