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What is a Chanter?

A Chanter is a chain class in Aion that wields staffs, maces, and shields in order to beat back foes with physical damage, and heal and buff allies with protective mantras and spells. A jack of all trades, Chanters are a flexible class that works extremely well in both solo and group situations.
Having a profound mastery in enchantment magic, a Chanter benefits a group greatly by boosting various attributes of every group member.

Play Style
Chanters have many supportive abilities which include some of the best buffs in the game as well as having access to some healing spells. The Chanter has a unique special buff system known as the mantra system. Mantras can be instantly cast at any time and stay in effect until the chanter decides to either cancel it or replace it with another mantra. Mantras are also canceled when the chanter dies. Unlike normal buffs, mantras cannot be dispelled by any means.

Up to three normal mantras can be used simultaneously at any time, unless in a group with another Chanter than 4 can be used collectively, and as each mantra has a unique effect, there are many different combinations that can be used to support a party. A caster heavy party make up would benefit greatly from magic boosting mantras while a melee heavy one would benefit from the physical attack power and critical rate increasing mantras. All mantras affect all group members in the vicinity of the Chanter. Along with mantras, The Chanter also has a variety of enchanting buffs that further boost the group's attributes, be it damage, an attack speed boost or even reduced cast times on spells.

If the group is not in much danger, Chanters will also focus on dealing DPS while maintaining its supportive buffs and mantras. Hence, Chanters are also considered a secondary DPS class (Or even a primary DPS in some instances). Despite having an array of supportive and healing abilities which are magic spells in nature, their offensive abilities deal mostly physical damage, in contrast to Clerics. Therefore, most Chanters usually choose to wield a staff as this increases physical damage and traits over a mace and shield combination. It is also important to note that all critical strikes dealt with a staff have a chance to knock down a target. This aspect, combined with the fact that the staff has a naturally high critical hit rate, as well as the fastest attack speed of the two-handed weapons, turns the Chanter into a very effective lock-down class. However, should a Chanter come under fire, a Chanter can selectively wield a mace and shield combination to mitigate some damage while their heals and buffs try keep them alive.


In solo play, Chanters are easily one of the most effective solo classes in Aion, being able to heal up when the health reaches critical levels. With the exception of some stigmas, the Chanter however, does not have very strong bursting skills unlike classes such as the Gladiator or Assassin, hence they will not be able to take down mobs as fast as the other classes.

In group play, a Chanter's main role serves to support a group in both offense and defense. If a bad pull is made, or when the group is facing a very strong boss, the Chanter can also immediately activate strong defensive buffs and aid a Cleric with healing in their party. If the run is progressing smoothly, a Chanter can significantly increase the DPS of a group. As such, any party can easily be rounded out by having a Chanter in their ranks. Chanters are also decent disablers with their staves, knocking down or stunning enemies or monsters. One thing to note though is that Chanters do not have reliable damaging AoE skills. Having a chanter in a group maximizes its potential, by being able to enhance all attributes.


In solo PvP, Chanters are very well rounded and do fairly well against most classes. Their decent physical defense helps to mitigate damage against physical DPS classes. Against Melee classes in particular, with their Celerity Mantra I and using running scrolls, they can easily kite the enemy. Against ranged classes, Chanters can attempt to close the distance gap fairly quickly by using one of the best ranged but somewhat unreliable stuns in the game, Soul Strike for Asmodian Chanters/Inescapable Judgment for Elyos Chanters . With its long 25m range and very short cool-down period (12 seconds), Soul Strike/Inescapable Judgment further augments the chanter's already remarkable lock down capabilities. Certain stigmas can also further increase the damage and lock-downs dealt by the Chanter. It should also be noted that Chanters are rather susceptible to Magic DPS classes such as Spiritmasters and Sorcerers due to their high bursts and CC abilities (Sleep, fear, silences).

In group PvP, Chanters often find themselves doing several roles, such as rallying and supporting the group offensively and defensively with various buffs and mantras, and/or aiding a Cleric in healing. With suitable stigmas equipped, they can also unleash an array of DPS and lock-down skills. Should a team member come under focused fire, a Chanter can immediately cast powerful healing over time spells and activate powerful defensive buffs (Word of Spellstopping I, Elemental Screen) that can help in mitigating damage. If a target is pulled in by a Templar, a Chanter can decently hold the target in place with their powerful knockdowns and stuns while the group dispatches them. Having access to unique and powerful game-changing buffs such as Word of Wind I and Word of Quickness I, a Chanter can also turn the tide of a battle, bringing offense to a whole new level.

The manastones which should be socketed into the items should be Crit Strike. A crit value of at least 800 is typically wanted to offset Strike Resist in PvP. For the newer instances in Aion 4.0/4.5, a Chanter with HP manastones socketed would be the most preferred. Other good manastones for DPS or soloing would be Magical Accuracy, or even Magic Resist or HP. For group PvP, good manastones for supporting a group would be Magic Resist and HP.

As far as weapon choice goes, Staff should be used the majority of the time. However, a backup Mace and Shield can be used for additional defense.

Rotation of spells:

As a support:
  • As a support chanter, you’ll generally want to keep Word of Revival on everything in your group. It has a 5 second cooldown but lasts 38 seconds allowing you to cycle it on everyone in a 6 man party.
  • Keep recovery spell on the tank or person tanking the most damage
  • Try to be efficient with Healing Burst. It’s one of the strongest heals in the game, stronger than Cleric skills even, and as a result can spike someone's HP from 10% to 50%.
  • Spam healing light in any downtime and spot heal.
  • Keep Word of Instigation up 100% of the time.
As a DPS:

  • Prioritize keeping things on cooldown. Chanters don’t have many offensive spells in general, so this is easy.
  • Swap out Booming Smash and Booming Strike in the Skill Chain Window. You want to keep the Booming Assault Chain on cooldown as it does more damage overall than the Mangle Strike Chain.
  • If you’re ever actually in a DPS role, it’s probably because the healing is light and you’re free to do whatever. Remember you’re still a chanter so use your cooldowns properly and don’t tunnel on damage. Nobody expects Chanters to do good DPS anyway, that’s not your primary role.

There are several stats you want to increase with manastones. Those which are worth it are:
1. Crit
2. HP
3. Magical Accuracy
4. Accuracy

Your first aim will be to get your critical hit at about 900-950. With that you'll be able to reach the crit cap(500=50%) even though your enemies have a lot of crit resist(450 max).
As second stat you should try to get your magical accuracy at a decent point. Most of your stuns and debuffs rely on the MA/Magic resist formular. Average MR without buffs or Manastones is about 1,6k-1,8k. Therefore that is the amount of MA you should try to reach.(It is easy!)
In endgame gear, you'll most likely reach those stats and still have some slots left. Now it's up to you what you prefer. Either get more MA, HP or Accuracy. I personally prefer HP and MA, since Accuracy will only help you vs. assasines and rangers(block cleric have ways too much block), and those are not your hardest enemies.


A. Mantras:

1. Magic Mantra
2. Celerity Mantra[ Movement Speed]
3. Intensity Manra[ Crit]
Sometimes when I need a lot of damage, vs. Clerics for expample, I turn on Rage Spell, switch Magic with Victory Mantra and hope for high damage random stuns and kd's xD

A.1. Promise of Earth/Wind

As you can use only one of those 2 skills, you should always be using Promise of Wind. It is a nice buff which gives you additional damage, especially in combination with Blessing of Wind and AAC'ing. Promise of Earth just gives an attack speed Debuff which is potable, but you already have hallowed strike which is not potable and can be used non-stop.

A.2. ACC

Auto attack canceling is basically the same on every class. You wait a bit between each skill and use the next skill immediately when the auto attack damage applies, so that you cut the complete animation of it. If you want some guide how to do it just use this guide
As Chanter you should not AAC all the time though.
Some basic rules:
1. Try to AAC every skill while using Blessing of Wind OR/AND Word of WInd[DP skill, gives movement and attackspeed]
2. Take care that AAC does not **** up a stun/knockdownlock if you really need your enemy being locked.
3. Always AAC if you run out of skills
4. AAC if you need to do high damage without wasting skills with high cooldowns or when they are already in CD
5. Don't AAC if you need a fast covered Debuff, or a fast knockdown/stun.

A.3. Jumpshot (If you need a Guide how to do it use this guide

I basicly try to jumpshot every skill that is not usable while moving and has a long animation. But it really depends on the situation aka how I/the enemy is moving cause you can't jumpshot if the char is already doing an auto attack. Though imo Mountain Crash should nearly always be jumpshotted. The long animation can really **** you up cause you're vulnerable if you stand in front of the enemy and use that skill. Also if you need to react fast, for example when a sorc is silence-covering you, the animation of MC can really **** you up.

A.4. Some basic tipps:

1. Try to keep Hallowed Strike up on EVERY class.
2. Try always to cover Binding Word(Meteor Chain, jumpshotted MC+ first meteor chain skill is nearly an instant cover)
3.Use Protective Ward wisely. It gives some nice damage reduction but lasts for 10sec only, so use it if you know a big burst is incoming, or a covered silence,stun/kd-lock.
4. Don't waste Remove Shock, especially not on short stuns. Use it if you benefit of the time you gain.
6. Pop Recovery Spell if you know high damage/stunlock is incoming. You can use it with full HP, it's a HOT

7. You can't knockdown an enemy if he takes no damage of the skill[Stone Skin, Spirit Sub., Bodyguard etc..) while stuns STILL WORK.
8. Stumbles don't override. If you try to stumble a target make sure he's not stumbled yet.
...will add more, just don't know what atm ._.
9. Aetheric Field is like a second Protective Ward with even higher damage reduction.

A.5. Basic tips vs. each class


1. It's a RNG fest.
2. Try to make him waste RS before going full damage mode
3.Try to get rid of hallowed strike before you try to burst him[kiting and bind skills can help a lot here)
4. If it's 1v1, you can always pot/dispell bind skills, chants don't have more dangerous debuffs.
5. Try to keep at least one stumble skill until you try to finish him.
6. The removeshock stun is really reliable, you can use it if the enemy does not have RS anymore and you're sure that you won't get killed by a stunlock.


1. Basicly, make him waste RS -> stun/kd-> burst him to death.
2. Kill Noble Energies/get out of range. Just don't do it if you're close to kill the cleric and you need to stay in range with him.
3.Keep in mind -> Stunning a cleric while you have low HP and the cleric has RS can kill you. Clerics have a high damage removeshock chain skill.
4. If the cleric comes close(and probably gonna use Hallowed Strike) use Perfect parry to get the skills that require a parry.
5. Keep in mind -> Don't waste any pot/dispell if the cleric is gonna use Festering Wound and Blind. If that is covered and you can't get out of range fast enough you're dead. Pward can help here though.
6. You can use your RS-Chain skills all the time, clerics have 1 stun only.


1. Try to use removeshock only on knockdowns. Though, if you take too much damage or are at low HP you should use it on any stun/knockback..
2. Use ranged skills/hallowed chain to kite his damage buffs off.
3. Pward can safe you from high break powers and also gives stumble resist, aka can safe you from swordstorm etc..
4. You can if lucky prevent getting pulled with Anti-Shock scroll[+ perfect parry]
5.Take care, they have a RS-CHain pull!
6. If 1v1 just pot/dispel any slow/attackspeed reduction, no dangerous debuffs!


1. There are 2 ways of killing a gladiator.
a) If he goes full rape mode do so aswell. Pop Unstoppable and Blessing of wind and damage him to death while trying to keep him stunlocked/bound. Use Pward/ Instant heal's/pots and pop a recovery spell if you can.
b) kite off berserking( you have binds, dispells/pots/pward for that). If you're still taking a lot of damage and can't really stay close to him even kite off second wind/ud
2. Take care, felocity(removeshock-chain buff)+ berzerking can lead into an instant death, even with pward on.
3.Make use of the hallowed strike chain slow debuff at the right time.
4. Strengthen wings removes binding word/the slow of hallowed chain
5.Glads have 2 root skills. Try to keep the greater healing pot for the case that one of them is covered. Aka, use dispell if it isnt.


This fight depends a lot on each's removeshock.
1.Keep in mind that they have a silence and a blind skill. Kite until you can cover both/at least blind.
2. Most sins buff/use Massacre before they Ambush you, so you could already use PWard before they jump at you and keep RS.
3. You can also immediatly RS and make him waste RS aswell and finish him after the buff is gone.
4. Always keep in mind, if you already have the RS buff don't use pward. If you have pward on don't use RS. It's not always possible though, depending on the incoming damage(shadow rage etc) and your HP
5. Take care of Sensority Boost. It increase MR and Evasion and will make like all of your stuns/debuffs fail, and randomly your knockdowns/other skills will be evaded aswell, so better kite it off.
6. Don't waste any good skills on FE.


1. Try to get him stunned/ kd'ed as fast as possible, once his rs buff is gone and you got him in stunlock he's dead.
2. If he sleeps you and covers sandstorm, make sure you dont waste your pot before you CAN pot sandstorm.
3. If he hides use seed of detection to get him in stun first.
4. Always try to stay close to him, remove FE with an AAC'ed auto attack.
5. You can bridgeover the time of his RS buff with a covered bind.
6. If you can manage to use soul lock after a stun/kd before he RS and he pots it, you can just immedialty use binding word after that.
7. Take care of Fleshcutter Arrow, it reduces your heals by 50%, so better kite/pot it off before you use big heals/HP pots.
8. Try not to waste a greater healing pot on a first silence. You'll most likely be able take the damage without dieing and will have the pot kept if he uses sleep arrow, especially if you could manage to use PWard before.


1. Keep in mind -> Like every good sorc will use 3 debuffs before silencing you.
2. If the sorcs pops vaizel and even better also illusion at the beginning of the fight, try to run straight away until those buffs are gone. Also use dispell if he slows you!
3. Sometimes sorc will try to arcane/ice chain-> sleep you. DONT WASTE RS
But if he starts debuffing, USE RS.
4. IF you know a covered silence is incoming, and you wont be able to kite it off, use PWard. If he's using Magic assist he'll if he's lucky even burst you through that. So aetheric is even better.
Alwys keep Rise for Illusion Storm/Aetherhold, if you wasted both RS and he manages to get you cc'ed /stunned you're dead.
5. Remove Illusion with an AAC'ed meteor strike.
6. If he CC you, try to pop up a recovery spell before.
7. Don't use Soul Strike(too late) before he CC you. It's delayed and his cc will get through though.And if he's not sleeping you for ages you will have the skill in CD when you actually need it.
8. If he starts a fight with a CC, try to get down his stoneskin before the cc applies so you have the chance to instant kd him when you get our of sleep.[Dis. Blow]


Well not much to say, you're probably gonna lose to any decent SM anyways..
1. Meh, just dont use any buffs, he'll remove all of them anyays... xD
2. Try to make him waste RS -> try to survive until his rs buff is gone -> stunlock him to death
3. Try to keep pots/dispells for Shackle of Vulnerability/body root/sigil of silence
4. Try to glide off fears if possible(not slowed)​

If you have any questions please leave a Comment or Send a Private Message. You're welcome in advance!!! ;)

- Jejess