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Crafting and gathering professions are learned and upgraded in the Artisan's Hall in Sanctum or Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium. There are two gathering skills you learn automatically:

Crafting Professions
Create potions, magical weapons (spellbooks for casters), and equipment
upgrade items. The kids will be banging on your door day and night to
see what you've been brewing.

Create all metal armor pieces for the tanks
around the land. They may
not have a lot of brains, but it's your job to give them the means to
protect what little they've got.

Create tasty foods and beverages to buff you and your groupmates, not
to mention your customers. Sure, everyone could survive on gruel and
water if they really had to, but let's face it... nobody wants that.

Make wooden weapons and all the parts that don't fit into any other
profession. You're the one-man (or woman) cleanup crew. If it's needed
in a recipe by someone else, you’re the person to make it.

Tailoring cloth and leather
pieces is your life. It may not be
the most glamorous sounding gig in the game, but creating a powerful
robe will keep your local spell slingers happy. Trust me; you always
want to keep your casters happy.

Weaponsmithing .
Thoughts of creating metal weapons consume your every waking moment.
Armorsmithing may be all about protecting a fighter’s noggin,
but you just want to see someone get brained with one of your
creations. If it was designed to be shiny and cause a world of hurt,
you were the hand behind its creation.

Every craft requires materials that you can only gain from gathering with your Extract Vitality and/or Extract Aether skills. For example, alchemy requires various plants to make potions. Each time you craft, you will gain a small bit of experience. The higher the craft's difficulty, the more experience you will gain.
To learn crafting recipes, you can visit the local vendor in either Artisan's Hall or Temple of Artisans. The vendor will sell most white recipes and a selection of green recipes. Green quality recipes can also be found as mob drops or as a reward from work orders. Elite mobs have a higher chance to drop recipes than normal mobs.
All crafts have a chance to proc into a better quality item of the same type. For instance, in armorsmithing, if the armorsmith attempts to create a green shield, there's a chance that it will become a rarer blue shield instead. In cooking, a recipe that normally has a duration of 30 minutes has a chance to proc into a tastier item that will last for 45 minutes instead.

Work Orders
Work orders are a way of leveling your crafting skill via a repeatable quest provided by your crafting master (not available for gathering professions). While they do not require any gathered materials, they will cost you Kinah. All ingredients are either provided by the crafting master or can be bought from a vendor in the crafting room. The items produced are reclaimed when you hand in the work order. Successfully completing a work order will give you a random profession specific item. For example, completing a cooking work order might give you sugar, salt, or a cooking recipe that you can craft. While crafting items will also level up your crafting skill, many players will find work orders convenient to level up their crafting skill.
Work Orders are obtained at profession level 1 and then every tenth level starting at level 10 up until 390. (1, 10, 20, 30, ..., 380, 390). There are no work orders past 390. You cannot complete a work order that is 40 crafting levels below your current crafting skill. For instance, you will no longer be able to create the level 10 work order of Handicrafting if you reach level 50 Handicrafting.
Higher level work orders cost more Kinah per item and require more items to be created per work order:
  • The level 1 work order requires you to produce 3 items and provides enough ingredients for 4.
  • Level 10 to 90 work orders require you to produce 6 items and provide enough ingredients for 8.
  • Level 100 to 190 work orders require you to produce 9 items and provide enough ingredients for 12.
  • Level 200 to 290 work orders require you to produce 12 items and provide enough ingredients for 16.
  • Level 300 to 390 work orders require you to produce 15 items and provide enough ingredients for 20.
The additional quest ingredients are provided in case you fail at a craft a few times. If you fail too many times and run out of provided materials, you'll need to drop the work order quest and try it again from scratch. You will lose any successful crafts by dropping the quest. You will not be reimbursed for any failed crafts or failed work orders.

Skill Ranges
Basic learning fee for each crafting profession is roughly 3,500 Kinah. Each level upgrade costs significantly more to learn. Of the crafting professions, every character can level each profession to Journeyman, two can be leveled to Expert/Artisan and only one can be leveled to Master. There is no cost to attain the Expert crafting level other than the cost involved in the expert crafting test. Attaining the Master crafting level requires roughly 10 million Kinah in addition to the Master crafting test.


*Note: Prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.
Leveling a Craft
Leveling your crafting is much the same as leveling your character. However, "experience" bars for crafting are not revealed to the players. This bar must be filled before your skill levels up. Only crafts within 40 levels below your skill contribute to your crafting experience bar. For instance, if your Alchemy level is 95p, crafts lower than 55p and work orders below 60p will not contribute towards leveling up your crafting. This works the same for Essencetapping and Aethertapping as well. You must harvest nodes within 40 levels of your harvest level in either skill.
Crafting items with higher level requirements will cause you to gain more skill points per successful attempt. Although, choosing to craft an item or work order too close to your level can result in a failure to craft. Failed crafts reward no experience at all and will not contribute towards leveling up your crafting.
Energy of Repose and Lodas Amulets increase the experience gain while crafting or harvesting and allow you to level up your skill much faster utilizing these two buffs. Energy of Salvation, however, will not.

First of all, at current state, you can expert two crafts, or master one and expert the other.

For the skillpoints 1-399 there are workorders or you just craft basic mats you might need for later crafts. After 40 skillpoints a craft doesn’t give any more skillpoints, means crafting steel ingots gives you only skillpoints till 1+40=41, to reach 42 you have to craft something with at least 2 skillpoints. At 99/199/299 you talk with your teacher and say “learn xxx” and pay a certain fee to raise your skill-level to 100/200/300 with 399 there is a special workorder, usually called something with “Governor”, only after this and being at least level 29, the expert quest will pop up.

Expert Quest

The expert quest consists of two parts, a 299 part and a 399 part. The designs for the quest you get at your crafts vendor under the section “Quest” – there you can choose between a sure craft (299 is a green design, 399 a blue design) and a design that has to proc (299 white, 399 green) – unless, well unless cooking, as cooking all dishes have to proc, and this can take a while. It might be usefull to check out the designs once you reach 200, in the leveling process you can aswell already prepare the materials you will need for that craft.


Level your crafting further

After your awesome ceremony, you go and talk to your skill teacher again, and ask to “learn xxx”. With that you are now on 400 skillpoints and can learn the design you received as a reward. For other designs, you have to be lucky on drops or find them on the broker. Now the pain with further leveling starts. Since Balaurea you can make some basic crafts to hit 441 or even 449 (with some further crafts), only cooking and alchemy actually can be leveled without buying any balic materials, just by designs you find at the vendor and mats you either gather, hunt or morph.

On 449, you talk with your skill teacher again and ask to “learn xxx” – you pay a certain fee and it upgrades you to 450. If it doesn’t - check if you have enough kinah with you
Its about 5m or something.

Cooking and Alchemy can still be leveled with designs for consumables, the other crafts are now in need of balic mats. Construction is even more of a pain though, it will be explained later

Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing: They have the same output, you need skins, scales, horns
Tailoring: skins, scales, bloodstains
Handicrafting: scales, horns, bloodstains

Second Expert Craft

Once you hit 449 skillpoints on your first expert, you are able to accept a 2nd expert quest (don’t forget the “steps toward expert” workorder ;-)). Of course you can already start to craft while you are still on reaching 449 but you won’t get the 2nd expert quest before you reach that level.

There is still no usefull 2nd master possible, but you can master construction now beside another craft

Reaching 499 opens up the master quest, you are sent to the vendor to receive the design. Here you can also choose between the "need to proc" and already procced design version. Inform yourself about what you need to craft it, so you can already precraft during levelling your skill.



As reward you can choose one design again, you have to go to your teacher though and "learn xxx" again to upgrade to 500

I'm master - and now?

To be honest, the only craft that levels easily is cooking. The master craft rewards are gold food designs, they are awesome for use and also good to sell. For all other crafts, you have only heliotrope crystals.
Handicrafting, cooking: red and white
Armorsmithing, tailoring: blue and white
Weaponsmithing, alchemy: red
Construction: no helios at all

How I did it

Alchemy: for the first 40 points of each 100 step I craft elemental water or stone, it goes pretty fast and you can do it while you actually have other stuff to do. After that pots and scrolls I need.
Cooking: Workorders solely, the buff food before expert quest is pretty useless unless Wild Ginseng Pickels or the Cocktails, after expert quest the design I took, maybe a 2nd design with higher level I bought on broker (usually Cippo Jelly)
Tailoring: Rawhides/Fiber till x41, then the cords/textile I might need for future crafts, then continue with workorders till next x99 step
Handicrafting: Wood till x41, then Rods/Boards till +40 skillpoints then workorders. I usually don’t craft silver/gold/platinum/mithril ingots as I hardly make any jewels, they are imo too hard to craft with their triple craft for gold, at 400 Malevite ingots and Korie.
Armorsmithing / Weaponsmithing: Ingots till x41, then see what I might need or not, and already prepare materials while leveling the craft.

How do you know what mats you need if you don’t have the design yet:

AION Armory

How do I get designs
Drops from Mobs (level range around the crafted item)
Some Treasureboxes
The bike design comes from Sarpan and is one time craft only (how to go there: How to get to the new design vendors (esp bike designs))

Update 4.02

4.02 has made it in a way easier and harder to craft at the same time
why easier? you need way less materials for balic craft - on the same time the materials have at our current state rather high prices
also gathering wasn't upgraded to 500+ (neither essence nor aether), means there is quite some failure ratio, further the new gatherables can't be split, means you cannot split blue to green or green to white items, and there are no morph designs

you need for every little bit the Katalam Essences

Idas/Idela/Idium items are needed - those can be bought at the various garrissons

for several crafts you need items from other crafts, ancient crystals, those have level 500 and if you want to increase your crafting you can aswell craft those
but care they all need 10 of the blue ancient aether, 20 idela fragments and 40 of the old morph catalyst

Ancient Blue Crystal - Alchemy
A0ncient Green Crystal - Armorsmithing
Ancient Red Crystal - Tailoring
Ancient White Crystal - Weaponsmithing
Ancient Yellow Crystal - handicrafting

If you have any Questions, Suggestions or Clarifications please leave a Comment below or send a Private Message ;) ..

- Jejess