Guide DreamAion 5.8 Item Pak

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Here is the latest 5.8 Items.pak
It should function for everyone (32-bit as well as 64-bit systems)

-Removes client-side restrictions on trading
-Allows storing of items in account warehouse (including mounts)
NOTE: Fused weapons cannot be stored or traded.


Paste the downloaded Items.pak in Data\Items and confirm overwriting of the original. Your folder should look like this (Only one file)


Modified Items.pak to be saved in Data\USA\Items

In case of errors
Save a copy of your (items.pak) first before overwriting it, and put it in a folder

Error support

Ensure your client was in a working condition before trying the Items.pak so that we know your error is Items.pak related.
If restoring the original files does not make your client work, it is not an Items.pak issue.

Enjoy Dreamers and have a nice Day!

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