Announcement Enchantment Stone and Manastone Exchange

Hello Dreamers!

Manastones and Enchantment Stones are very essential to all of us Daevas, it can turn the tides of each battle that we face during PvP or even help us reach the top spot! Now, as we want to make things a little more interesting, we came up with an idea that the acquisition of these stones will have a twist in it.

If you have noticed, the manastones available in our website shop are Ancient manastones only. We have created this policy as a way for players to explore and experience hardcore PvPvE. We have made this exchange policy for manastones to let players be diverse and to explore Dream Aion.

The exchange scheme is as follows below:

1 Ancient Manastone (Level 80) =
50 Ancient Manastone (Level 60)
1 Legendary Manastone (Level 80) =
50 Ancient Manastone (Level 80)
1 Ultimate Manastone (Level 80) =
50 Legendary Manastone (Level 80)

1 Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone =
50 Ancient PvP Enchantment Stones
1 Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone =
50 Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones.

Ancient manastones are the key in this exchange and everything would revolve on to it. You will only receive the same kind of manastone with what you will exchange it with. (e.g Manastone HP = Manastone HP)

We will not exchange manastones that are from different characters or accounts, the exchange will only happen with one character and one character only. You can either trade the manastones to the character where in you want the trade to take place with.

Here are a few ways for you to acquire these manastones:
- In-game (In-game Events or PvE)
- Webshop
- Forum Events

How to exchange these manastones? Here are some simple instructions that you need to follow in order to have a successful transaction:

1. Post below the following:
Manastone Request/ Enchantment Stone Request:
Screenshot of Manastone/ Enchantment Stone available in Inventory:

2. Once posted, wait for either @Cornelia or @Tsukuyo to hit a 'like' on your post, once there is a like on the post it confirms that we have received and will process your request.
3. Afterwards, we will be sending you a forum message about the request, if we are online during the time of your request, we can right away send the exchange, if not, there would be a turn around time of 24 hours before we can send it to you.
4. We will manually remove the items from your inventory once the confirmation is sent.

Conditions and Terms of Exchange

Upon submitting your request, you as a player agree of the following conditions that will be set forth for the exchange:

1. You agree that the exchange you made is not exchangeable anymore once the exchange has been completed.
2. You agree that we will access your account and remove the stones that will be exchanged.
3. You agree that any loss or theft of exchanged items that happen after the transaction is completed will be held against you.

Violations or Sanctions for Abuses

Since this is a new system that we have proposed, we believe that there will be minimal abuse during the said scheme. However, in order to protect and promote fair game play, any player found to have abused this system will be penalized to the extent of the abuse. Of course, we will still investigate the matter before submitting a verdict.

We hope that everyone enjoys the PvPvE set up that we have. This system will take effect once we have created and boosted up the new PvP map. We will update everyone for any changes that will happen with the policies of the exchanging system.

Posting Policy

Please post only if you have an exchange requests, questions or concerns can be addressed on Discord or through a private forum message.
Posts that are not a request will be deleted immediately.

Happy gaming, Dreamers!

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