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The Gunslinger is a class governed by Empyrean Lord Israphel. Players start out as Technists, and become Gunslingers upon Ascension. Gunslingers use Pistols and Aethercannons. The type of weapon used will affect combat style. Aethercannons have a slower attack speed but fire great powerful blasts. Pistols are much faster, and can fire off multiple shots in succession for a more dynamic style.

Play style
In Aion, Gunslingers are considered a primary magic DPS class and thereby a primary DPS, alongside Sorcerers, Rangers, Assassins and occasionally Songweavers. They have extremely high DPS, which are executed in swift successions. Like Assassins, they have the potential to burst down targets very quickly without allowing them to react. They also have a small arsenal of CC (Silence, stuns, etc), which gives them the ability to continually lockdown and burst targets/opponents.
With an aethercannon equipped, they have access to a variety of long-charging but extremely powerful nukes that rip targets to shreds. WIth dual pistols equipped, they can unleash an array of rapid chained magic abilities on single targets. Often at times, you'll find yourself switching between an Aethercannon and dual pistols depending on situations.
Gunslingers are usually equipped with magic leather armor, which provides physical defence, magic boost and high evasion. Gunslingers also have a few defensive abilities that can be used to escape or absorb some damage if needed. But if they come under intense fire, they will die very quickly as they are still a class with low HP pool and overall defence. Like the Ranger, Assassin and Sorcerer, they also have the ability to detect units in advanced stealth.

The Gunslinger is a DPS class, but what's different from the rest of the DPS classes (Rangers, Assassins, Sorcerers and Gladiators) is that you are a ranged class with 100% mobility (with some exceptions), meaning you're dealing DPS as you're moving. Some would argue that you are a burst class, but that is not entirely true because your damage is overall constant, you do not hit in bursts, you hit continuously while moving.


First we have to understand how the Gunslinger's skills work: You deal Magical damage, which means your skills are affected (on your side) by Magic Boost (MB) and Magical Accuracy (MAcc). You're like a sorcerer in this way. Now let's discuss the possible manastone builds

• Magic boost. They are a magical class. Just stack it to kingdom come.
• Youll need to have enough Magical Accuracy to land skills other wise just socket mostly Magic Boost so you hit harder so mobs die faster.


This is a must for PvP, with any class. Your skills have to be keybinded on your keyboard for an easy reach. As I quote another player "It becomes a natural reflex from muscle memory. You no longer have to "look" for the skills".

This is Qubit's skillbar, and as you can see, most of his skills are keybound. Pressurized Chamber, Stopping power, Weapon Switch, and the two roots are bound on his mouse.


Now let's talk keybinds and Skills arrangement.

You obviously make the most used skills the most easily reachable. Pressurized Chamber and Stopping power must be on your mouse, everytime You "burst" those two buffs have to be up, very easy to reach them. Weapon Switch must be also easily reachable on your mouse since You will always use Juggernaut Cannon.

Now let's check the arrangement. As you can see, You will have your main debuffs on 1 2 3. It makes sense that You will put on 4 the fire DPS chain since 3 is the fire resist debuff.

F and SHIFT+F have both the same function, HP Drain skills, easily reachable, low CD, so You need to use them at the right moment and profit the low CD.

Silence is very important, also low CD, it has it's own keybind, R, easily reachable.

I think you get it now that You must put the Stun/Knockback on E and SHIFT+E, the two DPS that can't be used while moving are on A and SHIFT+A (I have an AZERTY keyboard). Your two reloads are T and SHIFT+T, and your main devensive skills are C and SHIFT+C. This makes it easier for you to remember the keybinds, so you know stunning is E and what derives from it, Health is F and what derives from it, and the main DPS is 1 2 3 4 and what derives from it etc ...

Some PvP details

-A no brainer is always (ALWAYS) use this combo:
Pressurized Chamber-> Hot Shot -> Gunshot Chain.​
(Always, even I forget somewhere later in the guide, you will remember, Gunshot=Pressurized Chamber)-Obviously that combo will be inserted between other combos.

-Prebuff Bulletproof if you want, but NEVER prebuff Anticipation. It has an 8s duration, if it takes you 2s to reach your enemy and he sees it, he can just run (and not even kite it off), by the moment you catch up, you maybe have 2 or 3s left on it, while you could have made use of an 8s UD with some dmg reduction.
-Know which Debuff to cover, every class and every situation needs a different debuff cover.
-Press K, go to Chains, and Swap Trigger pull and Canted shot.

Some PvP details against each class

Let me start by saying that we do not have an anticlass. There is no class we can ROFLSTOMP like Templars ROFLSTOMP Assassins. Some could say Gladies, but not really, Sorcs have an easier time against them since they can Storm Strike Balaur Seeker before he reaches them, we have to be constantly moving with a 1/3 of Illusion.
And every class can beat us if they know what to do. Though there are some easier than others. Here's the list from Easier to Harder.

1. Gladiator
2. Bard
3. Gunslinger (if you're faster and know what you're doing)
4. Cleric
5. Chanter
6. Assassin & Ranger
7. Sorcerer
8. Spiritmaster
9. Templar

1. Gladiator

Easy if done right, though some gladiators are fast as hell and have such a low ping.
There are many ways to do it depending on the Gladi and on what CDs you want to keep. But this is an example:

Stopping Power -> Juggernaut-(let him pot it if he wants) -> Hemorrhage Shot -> Anticipation -> Hot Shot -> Silence (Silence Covered)-> Pressurized Chamber -> Gunshot chain -> Reload -> Gunshot chain -> (If not dead) -> Juggernaut -> Harrassing Fire -> Snow Shell-> Incendiary Shell​

Those last three are a standard Burst. Remember when you're fighting a Templar with your old class and they get you to 30% HP, then you're insta dead ? Yeah, that unexpected Sword Storm -> BP -> PB is like our new
Juggernaut -> Harrassing Fire -> Snow Shell-> Incendiary Shell.​
It is very fast and it's unexpected, always make sure to use it when you know it'll get you the kill, or else you'll be trying to catch you enemy while derping on Cannon stance.
The previous long rotation is an example of what you can do, it gives you a general idea, sometimes you're not fast enough and he waits till Hemorrhage is over to pot silence and use second wind. Sometimes I find myself tricking the gladi into using pot with root right at the start (can use Prayer of Freedom but meh). Some other times I cover silence again with Juggernaut and Crosstrigger -> Trigger Pull (very fast btw) (thanks to reload) etc ...

You can also note I didn't mention Bulletproof, you can use it instead of Anticipation but it's a bit risky.
Keep survival instinct for tendon slice.
Sometimes you'll need power grab.

2. Bard

They have a dispel, but unlike clerics, it has a CD. The main idea is to be faster than him and cover silence. Cover it with Juggernaut and Crosstrigger, if he dispels the first two and pots silence, go ahead
Hemorrhage -> Hot Shot-> Gunshot chain -> Autoload -> Gunshot chain -> Juggernaut -> Harrassing Fire -> Snow Shell-> Incendiary Shell​
You basically have to either finish him while silenced or while Trigger Pull is on him and he's duped into using Freestyle.
Also pot bind fast, but if never hurts to switch and
Juggernaut -> Harrassing Fire -> Snow Shell-> Incendiary Shell​
if it's covered.
To conclude this, try to avoid letting them heal and don't make the fight last too long.

3. Gunslinger

Do not prebuff Bulletproof. If you see him prebuffing Pressurized Chamber, root him (let him waste a pot or survival instinct) and get out of range, it will slow him down and you would have decreased his DPS and then:

Stopping Power -> Juggernaut -> Hemorrhage Shot -> Hot Shot -> Silence (Silence Covered)-> Pressurized Chamber -> Anticipation (So he won't interrupt your Gunshot chain) -> Gunshot chain -> Power Grab -> Dazzling Fire-> Reload -> Gunshot chain -> (If not dead) -> Juggernaut -> Harrassing Fire -> Snow Shell-> Incendiary Shell​

Don't bother with trunk shot, you'll use anticipation at the right time so he won't interrput your chain with it, and if you want to mess up his rotation, use Bulletproof when you see him starting gunshot (Bulletproof is more valuable if used strategically).

4. Cleric

If not HP build, it's extremely easy, they cannot outheal you. Cover silence very fast and use Gunshot chain like usual, then be unpredictable and Dazzling Fire, or Reload and trunkshot him, then silence then reload again and trunkshot then
Juggernaut -> Harrassing Fire -> Snow Shell-> Incendiary Shell.​
The key here is to be unpredictable while dealing constant DPS, let me spend his time Dispelling, and if he doesn't want to dispel (AKA Atk spd delay while you're dealing dmg) he can be baited into covered trigger pull and silence etc ... Like I said, if he's not HP, it's easy, just DPS.

If he's HP build, have fun, I've only dueled one and it's a pain, gotta know exactly when to trunkshot, so both reloads have to be ready for critical moments.

If he's MR build, pop your MA set, hopefully you'll have Sighting on, if not, put up with a few resists, he still deals less dmg (cuz he's full MR, very low MB).

5. Chanter

This can be easy, depending on your opponent. It can be a piece of cake if you're fast, since Chanter can't dispel like clerics. You have enough debuffs to cover silence -> DPS then cover Trigger Pull -> DPS and watch him die while casting recovery spell.

However, you have to be very fast and use Bulletproof and Anticipation to get out of the Stun/KD lock.
Also, they have bind, so Survival instinct and Pots.
Don't underestimate them, one mistake and you're dead.

6. Rangers and Assassins

These two can be tricky if they how to counter you.

I'm gonna go fast with this:
Don't try to Juggernaut Rangers, this will give them the chance to Sleep you or Burst with Bestial Fury (15m), which brings us to stay at 20m all times . Bulletproof if you get close and Anticipation after Silence cover (if you want, I do it). You can prebuff Anticipation just this time cuz they will rush you and you'll eat their stunshot. As usual,
Hot Shot -> Gunshot -> Dazzling fire -> Reload -> Power Grab -> Gunshot -> autoload -> Gunshot​
(All of thise while moving and keeping away from sleep arrow). Once you're slept, I have no outie for you, I usually die because I already sustained a first burst (I am still staying in ranger for their sleep arrow and Bestial Fury because I was a Templar and I'm still rushing Derpingly sometimes)
For assassins, Bulletproff at start (Don't be so obvious though) and
Hotshot -> Gunshot -> Reload -> Gunshot -> Anticipation -> Autoload -> Gunshot​
Try to waste their resist with Pistols autoattack = 2 magical attacks. I usually don't care because I can deliver the needed DPS. (Throw in pressurized when 2/3 of their Resists are gone and you still have a reload).
One tip against assassins, Only RS on Aetherhold, and don't follow up with the chain, enjoy your temporary assassin troller.
If played right, you could never get caught in stun lock, but sometimes they get very lucky with deadly poison ...

Oh if full MR, refer to cleric part.

7. Sorcerer

Why at the bottom of the list ? (meaning Harder)
It's because of Elemental Ward, and the annoying Charge sleep. It's very fast and it screws up your Gunshot chain. However, if you're faster you can trick him with prebuffing Bulletproof and opening with Dazzling Fire, if they waste RS Tree will be resisted and proceed to cover silence and then cover Trigger Pull. You have two precious reloads, you can Cover trigger pull and then instantly start delivering
Pressurized Chamber-> Hot Shot -> Gunshot Chain.​

8. Spiritmaster: [EDIT: This does not work against FULL FEAR and SPIRIT SUB.

This is a battle of the fastest, if they open with CoR (resist one magical attack) try to waste it and cover silence as fast as you can (Pay attention to their Bind cover, you have to be faster). You can try a stun after waisting CoR and then covering silence. It will confuse them. But once they are silenced, they do not last enough (Since you will Cover trigger pull after silence while still dealing DPS)

Spirit Sub is nasty, it really depends on how they Cover and What they cover, maybe you can use survival instinct, maybe you get lucky with Bulletproof. But still, Spirit Sub is bad. You can survive insta fear, your Power Grab is a nice heal.

9. Templar: [EDIT: Update on Templars using Iron Skin/UD/Empyrean Armor pending]

Oh boy.
I put them after SMs because they deserve it :3
No really, they are very hard, you need some serious kiting, two debuffs HAVE to be on while DPSing them (meaning covered), those are Juggernaut and Hot shot, because the only way to kill a Templar is to ... Kill him ?

I honestly can not elaborate a lot on this. Don't get me wrong, I've beaten Templars many times, I rarely lost. And then came Seoul.

You can try covering silence at start very fast and DPSing enough to bring them to the ground with a fast reload (twice) and Gunshot chain. I did it before, killing them while silence is covered so they can't pop neither Empyrean Armor nor Iron Skin. But against some Templars like Seoul, you need serious kiting techniques and a great Anticipation and Bulletproof timing.
Once caught in their grasp, behold the burst.


This has been a direct lose for me. I have been fighting them in closed 1v1 maps and it's always them on 20-10% HP and me dead. You can try to cover silence and keep rooting them. But note that one single Doom Lure means death. So I would suggest you go the offensive way. You must have all your CDs ready for this full buff situation:

Once Doom Lured escape with Survival Instinct (and pot Illusion Chains later). You have to kite a lot and leave Bulletproof for when they start casting Storm Sword (That way you'll evade Break Power).

Then hope your kiting is effective (I will post an effective method when I'm sure it works) and DPS, DPS, and DPS. I would prefer to always have Juggernaut on them, but that would need a very fast Switch-> Jugger -> Run again.

Also, forget the Cannon Burst in this situation.

If you have any Questions, Suggestions or Clarifications please leave a Comment or send a Private Message ;) ..

- Jejess