PVP Map & Farm Area is Kaldor


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Hello everyone!
Our farming and PVP area will be in Kaldor. You may go to the said area using the town teleporters. You can hunt the Furious Belsagos for drops. We will try to update the map as soon to make the game more interesting.

aion 2019-07-11 09-18-20-265.jpg aion 2019-07-11 09-17-35-599.jpg

aion 2019-07-11 09-43-26-562.jpg

aion 2019-07-11 09-23-18-879.jpg

Happy hunting and Happy Gaming!​
Oooo! You guys should make it Kaldor again.

Gelk is a bit ... meh. Haha. Idk if it's just me or if other think that way too. But kaldor would be nice

Plus, the forts and small camps would be another nice pve addition :p
it was Kaldor once … if I'm not mistaken.

there is a message that pops up every now and then. I don't understand it but when you click yes, you TP to Kaldor lol. so I say make it Kaldor again :p but that's just me.

idk … it gives off the vibe of a real decent PvP area